DJ Damon Locks

Saturday, 3:30-4:30PM & 5:30-7:30PM & 8:00-9:30PM | WEST STAGE AT THE MIDWAY

In the late 1980’s, DAMON LOCKS was the vocalist and percussionist of the punk band Trenchmouth, touring nationally and internationally for seven years. Later joining bassist Wayne Montana, Damon formed the avant-garde group, The Eternals, as vocalist and synth, melodica, and sampler player; they performed all over the world and, last summer, at Millennium Park in Chicago. He also worked for the last five years as vocalist in Rob Mazursek’s jazz group, the Exploding Star Orchestra (ESO), which led him to Carrie Biolo and Jeff Kowalkowski, and resulted in the creation of Screaming Planet. Damon currently deejays monthly at Danny’s Tavern with bassist Montana for a night called “Eternally Yours.”

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